League of Fallcrest

The Mysterious Amulet
A.k.a The extremely convenient distraction

Gyr and Belrin haven’t been seen in Fallcrest for 2 days. Faren begins to wonder where they have gone, and if they will return soon…

Rise of the Black Wiener
A.k.a Toblorone and the poop wizard

As the party returned to the magical door, they were stopped short by a mysterious figure in a black hood. The figure produced an amulet and handed it to Gyr before running away at an alarming speed. The amulet bore a symbol of apprant important to the dwarf, who immediately insisted he leave to deal with it. Though he warned that it was a personal problem, Content Not Found: belrin feared it could be dangerous, and so decided to accompany him.

Just as they were leaving, a halfling named Black Wiener was approaching, looking for the party. He was sent by Faren to seek them out because they had been gone for too long and he thought they might be dead. They decided to return to Moonstone Keep.

The party, now including Black, decided to look into the goings on at the dock. Verna, the halfling captain of the Salty Breeze, is suspected of smuggling, but Adran, the Eladrin member of the Porter’s Guild in charge of the investigation, can’t prove it because his shipping logs keep mysteriously vanishing. Roxas attempted to magically interrogate the captain, but the power of an amulet she wore prevented his power from having any effect.

At this point, the party got bored, so they decided to pay Nimozoran the Green a visit at the Septarch’s Tower to see if he knew anything about the notes they found in the Headmaster’s study. There they met Tobolar, a small halfling and aspiring wizard with confidence issues. Nimozoran is boistrous and mega-bearded, and mistreats Tobolar. Priest gave him the notes. After about 10 minutes of deciphering, the wizard exclaimed that he needed a magical garb known as the Robe of Arranis. Tobolar quickly hired the party to retrieve it, and sent them away with the help of his magical healing potions. (One potion was milky and likely ineffective, while the other was black and chunky, and decidedly poisonous – products of amateur alchemy.)

The party spend the next few hours attempting to discover the location of the robe, knowing only that it was somewhere in the Cloak Wood west of Fallcrest. Roxas prayed to Avnadra, who blessed him with a vision of a tree and a path. Priest also prayed to Kord, but, for he was both mildly stoned and under the influence of a taste of Tobolar’s poison potion, received a vision that attacked him. Kord insisted that he did not give directions. Grundelmar, however, helpfully marked Priest’s map with an area where he’d encountered Kobold traps. Black Wiener visited the local tailor, an elderly Eladrin woman named Sariel, hoping she would know something about the robe. Indeed, she knew of a children’s fairy tale about it, and gave Black a book containing that story. Amon hunted some squirrels.

Back at the barracks, the party discovered in the book that the robe was eaten by a dragon centuries ago, and that the dragon resided in a golden pyramid in the woods. They also found a draconic rune meaning “open” scrawled on the back of the last page in the story. So armed with knowledge, they set out for the cloak wood. Deep in the forest the trees grew thick together. In the dark they narrowly avoided a trap that would have set starved wolves to attack them. Soon after they found the pyramid, and were attacked by the kobolds that guarded it. They were no match for the party, however, and were quickly dispatched.

The found some chalk on the ground and scrawled the draconic rune (and a bunch of dicks) on a protrusion of the pyramid, which opened the way inside. There, a White Dragon attacked them. Priest, thinking quickly, threw the vial of black potion Tobolar made into the dragon’s mouth. This caused him to transmute into a Red Dragon, which proceeded to bombard the the chamber in flame, destroying any treasure they might have collected. However, this did kill the dragon, and they managed to recover the robe from the dragon’s belly intact (powerful as the magics of the robe were). Upon returning it to Tobolar, they each received 100gp for their efforts.

Bear Hunting pt.1

A Bear was spotted outside Fallcrest, so Faren sent Amon, Content Not Found: belrin_, Gyr, Roxas, and _Content Not Found: priest to dispatch it before someone got hurt. Said dispatching was accomplished quite handily, but more interesting was the Bear’s cave. Inside, the party found 3 necklaces with the names Viola, Larna, and Trisha. Farther in they found a skeletal corpse (complete with enchanted hide armor) beside a hole leading into some kind of compound.

Inside, the party found that the structure was an institution for wizards. Journal entries from some of the residents imply that an overly ambitious student was up to no good when the college was active over a century ago. The party was able to locate a key (in the form of an amulet owned by the headmaster) for a mysterious, magically locked door, apparently leading to the so-called “central chamber.” We left off with the party just having defeated a large swarm of rats in the lower level of a small dormitory.

squeak squeak

It was a slow day in Fallcrest, with only a few minor things for the Warden’s men to address, so Amon, Gyr, and Roxas decided to go assist a local woman in clearing out rats from her house. The woman was a dwarf named Diesa. The party also met her daughter, Riswynn, who has an imaginary friend named Tigger, according to Diesa. Diesa informed the party that the rats have been seen in the cellar. The house is a shack build on the ruins of a house that stood there before the Bloodspear War, and the cellar is still mostly intact, complete with artifacts from the previous owners.

Inside the cellar, the party found the hole where the rats had been getting in, and a small tunnel connecting that hole to another room with stone walls. They set up an ambush using some cooked cabbage to lure the rats out into the cellar proper. The fight went poorly. Gyr was killed, Amon knocked unconscious, and Roxas was forced to use Fountain of Flame to finish off the rats, which totally destroyed the cellar, including Diesa’s supply of food.

Gyr was rushed to Grundelmar in hopes that he could be saved. There was a revival ritual, but the ingredients were costly, so there was am 800gp charge. Since the party collectively could pay maybe a tenth of that, they asked Faren to borrow some money. With the help of magical suggestion, they were able to convince Faren to lend them 400gp. Grundelmar was hesitant to accept only 400, but did it since he likes Gyr. He still expects to be paid back, however. Gyr will need a few days to recover fully. Grundelmar is allowing him to work at the House of the Sun to help pay off his debt, and Faren will be contributing his stipend to his debt.

Actually Investigating the Bandit Attacks

The morning following the last, unsuccessful attempt to uncover the source of the bandit attacks, Faren summons the stalwart Gyr and the enigmatic Content Not Found: priest_ to head up the new investigation. The pair find Amon and _Content Not Found: belrin at the Nentir Inn, but Roxas was nowhere to be found. The party presumed him hung over from his previous night at the Blue Moon and did not choose to pursue him.

After getting up to speed, the party decided to find and question the dragonborn woman who was at the Halfmoon Trading House during the attack. After asking around, they discovered her name was Ana and found her room at the Silver Unicorn. She told Amon and Belrin that she believed the bandits might have been undead. During the questioning, the adventurers noticed she was reluctant to speak about her past or her home.

With little else to go on, the party decided to return to the trading house and have a more thorough look around. They were unable to find anything after much searching, but by questioning the people living nearby, they were able to determine that the corpses of the bandits had been taken away shortly after the attack. Assuming they’d be taken to the nearest temple for autopsy, the party headed for the House of the Sun.

Inside, they met the fiery dwarf priest Grundelmar, who confirmed Ana’s report that the bandits were indeed zombies. He also told the party that the corpses were embalmed, which is not a common practice in the Vale. The party knew that such embalming techniques had been common in centuries past, during the height of Fallcrest’s prosperity. The party decided to head to the town’s catacombs, and hopefully find where the embalmed corpses had been raised from.

After picking up a few torches, the party ventured into the dank, dark catacombs. The paths were twisted and sprawling, but by keeping the the oldest and grandest looking tunnels, they gradually worked their way back into the deepest parts of the catacombs. Eventually they found themselves in a long, narrow tunnel that seemed very old indeed. A light at the end of the tunnel warned them of danger, so they sent Amon to scout ahead. Inside, a man with slick, black hair sat in a rune-scribed circle drawn in blood before a wall of corpses, with more piled in a far corner. Around his neck was a necklace of fingers, the very 3 missing from his right hand. A man-sized hole was in the ceiling of the room.

The party decided to mount a sneak attack, and successfully got the jump on the foul necromancer. He summoned undead minions to assault the party, but, bloody and desperate, he cast a powerful spell which grafted rotting flesh to his body, turning him into a hulking abomination. Even his squadron of skeleton men couldn’t stop the relentless assault of the adventurers, and the necromancer was handily dispatched, decomposing into a sickening pile of bile and offal (which coated Gyr). After the fight, Priest gathered the bodies to burn them, letting the smoke drift out of the hole in the roof. On the floor, Gyr found the broken necklace of fingers, noticing a ring on one of the fingers bearing the crest of the Markelhay family.

On the way back to Moonstone Keep, Gyr stopped by the House of the Sun to inform Grundlemar of their success, and helped him at burning the unholy corpses of the bandits. Meanwhile, the rest of the party found the Keep under attack by more zombies. Faren and Sergent Murgeddin were holding their ground in the throne room when the party arrived. Thanks in large part to the Sergent’s military prowess, the zombies were defeated, though two constables were killed during the fighting. The party informed Faren of the results of their investigation and showed him the ring. Faren told them it must have been Quinn, Faren’s uncle and his father’s brother, who lost his challenge to the throne and was killed decades ago, come back from the grave to seek revenge on his nefew. This suspicion was confirmed later at the empty grave site in the old castle graveyard. Faren was content that Quinn had taught himself necromancy, but Gyr seemed unsure. Faren placated his suspicions by saying he would consult with Nimozoran the Green, the mage of the Septarch’s Tower. The party was commended for their efforts, and Belrin and Amon were forgiven for their previous exploits.

"Investigating" the Bandit attacks

A recent string of bandit attacks piqued the interest of the Kingsmen, and when they attacked the Halfmoon Trading House, Content Not Found: raizou-the-based-king_, Roxas, _Content Not Found: belrin, and Amon were the first to respond. During the battle with the thugs a man was cut-down and possibly killed, but the party managed to save a woman and her child. Raizou looted the body of the man, finding some gold and a quill pen later revealed to be an important family heirloom. Selarund Halfmoon was injured by the bandit goons, and the party found him unconscious on the floor of his shop. Though most of the shop and its contents were destroyed, Amon found a bit of nice pottery under the counter, which he took. Selarund was dazed, but managed to report to the party that the bandits had no apparent interest in taking anything. Raizou picked his pocket for 20 gold.

The party, save Belrin, helped take Selarund to his home, while a constable confirmed Selarund’s report to Belrin at the site of the attack; the attacks are not apparently motivated by material gain. When the rest of the party returned, Raizou and Roxas harassed the constable, who became angry and threatened them, but Roxas was able to deter him with his power of magical suggestion. Then, Raizou decided to pick up the body of the fallen man, carry him a few blocks south to the bluffs, and throw him down the steep slope. The mangled corpse attracted a crowd at the base of the bluffs. Back at the trading house, Amon had discerned something unusual about the bandits. Their skin was gray and sunken, and their clothes where strange, unlike any fashion he knew of.

The party decided to walk across town to Naerumar’s Imports to try and sell the pottery that Amon took from the trading house. Orest refused to purchase the item, however, because he recognized it as part of some new inventory recently acquired by Selarund. They lied about how they came across it, and Orest asked that they return it to Selarund (which they failed to do). Orest mentioned a flaming sword he recently sold awaiting delivery to Hammerfast.

As the sun set, Roxas and Raizou decided they wanted to go drinking, and the party headed to the Lucky Gnome Taphouse for a drink. Belrin took the opportunity to question some local gang members about the attacks. The gang leader told him that neither he, nor any local groups were responsible. Amon and Raizou attempted to hit on a blonde human woman, only to be shut down by her dwarven girlfriend. Raizou and Roxas then attempted to pick the pockets of a couple of drunks at the bar. Raizou was discovered, and a bar fight erupted with them at the center. This continued until Sergent Murgeddin came in to deliver a summons to Moonstone Keep for the party.

At the keep, Faren chewed the party out for their behavior. The theft of both the pen and the pottery did not go unnoticed, and Faren was absolutely appalled of the violence done to the body of the man from the trading house. The whole group has their stipend revoked for 3 months, they weren’t allowed to stay in the barracks that night, and Raizou was locked in the dungeon until an investigation can be conducted.

Amon and Belrin decide to head over to the Nentir Inn to sleep, and Roxas went to the Blue Moon Alehouse to try and pick up a lady. He was sucessful, sort of, in that he did get laid, and he was drunk enough not to realize he was with a one-legged transvestite.

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