League of Fallcrest

Bear Hunting pt.1

A Bear was spotted outside Fallcrest, so Faren sent Amon, Content Not Found: belrin_, Gyr, Roxas, and _Content Not Found: priest to dispatch it before someone got hurt. Said dispatching was accomplished quite handily, but more interesting was the Bear’s cave. Inside, the party found 3 necklaces with the names Viola, Larna, and Trisha. Farther in they found a skeletal corpse (complete with enchanted hide armor) beside a hole leading into some kind of compound.

Inside, the party found that the structure was an institution for wizards. Journal entries from some of the residents imply that an overly ambitious student was up to no good when the college was active over a century ago. The party was able to locate a key (in the form of an amulet owned by the headmaster) for a mysterious, magically locked door, apparently leading to the so-called “central chamber.” We left off with the party just having defeated a large swarm of rats in the lower level of a small dormitory.



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