League of Fallcrest

Rise of the Black Wiener

A.k.a Toblorone and the poop wizard

As the party returned to the magical door, they were stopped short by a mysterious figure in a black hood. The figure produced an amulet and handed it to Gyr before running away at an alarming speed. The amulet bore a symbol of apprant important to the dwarf, who immediately insisted he leave to deal with it. Though he warned that it was a personal problem, Content Not Found: belrin feared it could be dangerous, and so decided to accompany him.

Just as they were leaving, a halfling named Black Wiener was approaching, looking for the party. He was sent by Faren to seek them out because they had been gone for too long and he thought they might be dead. They decided to return to Moonstone Keep.

The party, now including Black, decided to look into the goings on at the dock. Verna, the halfling captain of the Salty Breeze, is suspected of smuggling, but Adran, the Eladrin member of the Porter’s Guild in charge of the investigation, can’t prove it because his shipping logs keep mysteriously vanishing. Roxas attempted to magically interrogate the captain, but the power of an amulet she wore prevented his power from having any effect.

At this point, the party got bored, so they decided to pay Nimozoran the Green a visit at the Septarch’s Tower to see if he knew anything about the notes they found in the Headmaster’s study. There they met Tobolar, a small halfling and aspiring wizard with confidence issues. Nimozoran is boistrous and mega-bearded, and mistreats Tobolar. Priest gave him the notes. After about 10 minutes of deciphering, the wizard exclaimed that he needed a magical garb known as the Robe of Arranis. Tobolar quickly hired the party to retrieve it, and sent them away with the help of his magical healing potions. (One potion was milky and likely ineffective, while the other was black and chunky, and decidedly poisonous – products of amateur alchemy.)

The party spend the next few hours attempting to discover the location of the robe, knowing only that it was somewhere in the Cloak Wood west of Fallcrest. Roxas prayed to Avnadra, who blessed him with a vision of a tree and a path. Priest also prayed to Kord, but, for he was both mildly stoned and under the influence of a taste of Tobolar’s poison potion, received a vision that attacked him. Kord insisted that he did not give directions. Grundelmar, however, helpfully marked Priest’s map with an area where he’d encountered Kobold traps. Black Wiener visited the local tailor, an elderly Eladrin woman named Sariel, hoping she would know something about the robe. Indeed, she knew of a children’s fairy tale about it, and gave Black a book containing that story. Amon hunted some squirrels.

Back at the barracks, the party discovered in the book that the robe was eaten by a dragon centuries ago, and that the dragon resided in a golden pyramid in the woods. They also found a draconic rune meaning “open” scrawled on the back of the last page in the story. So armed with knowledge, they set out for the cloak wood. Deep in the forest the trees grew thick together. In the dark they narrowly avoided a trap that would have set starved wolves to attack them. Soon after they found the pyramid, and were attacked by the kobolds that guarded it. They were no match for the party, however, and were quickly dispatched.

The found some chalk on the ground and scrawled the draconic rune (and a bunch of dicks) on a protrusion of the pyramid, which opened the way inside. There, a White Dragon attacked them. Priest, thinking quickly, threw the vial of black potion Tobolar made into the dragon’s mouth. This caused him to transmute into a Red Dragon, which proceeded to bombard the the chamber in flame, destroying any treasure they might have collected. However, this did kill the dragon, and they managed to recover the robe from the dragon’s belly intact (powerful as the magics of the robe were). Upon returning it to Tobolar, they each received 100gp for their efforts.



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