The townships of Fallcrest and Hammerfast have cooperated in peace for many decades, but conflicts involving trade agreements between the settlements have escalated over the past few years and tensions have finally boiled over into open warfare. As the conflict drags on, the absence of a standing guard in Fallcrest has begun to attract all sorts of nefarious opportunists such as bandits, necromancers, and monsters that would prey on the defenseless town. To deal with these new and growing threats, Faren Markelhay, the Lord of Fallcrest, has established an organization of extraordinary individuals to protect his people. Stalwart soldiers, unscrupulous rouges, and visionary mages of all races, both conscripts and volunteers, number among the select few chosen to be part of the team known as the Aegis. With ingenuity, teamwork, and strength, they can face any danger and defeat any challenge. You are one of these few.

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